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2-24-14 Memo regarding Screens & Picks

posted on Feb 25, 2014 by Darrell Benson
Darrell Benson

During the first several weeks of play this season there have been comments & concerns regarding “pick plays” and “screening tactics”. The comments we’ve received have come from both the offensive & defensive sides of the ball. 
The rulebook was edited last season to include new wording regarding Illegal Offensive Screening (page 55). The wording was added due to the increasing number of offensive plays, in recent years, where “picks & screens” are being set for the player in possession of the ball.  Players inside stick skills have also increased tremendously, making inside feeds to the crease area an integral part of offenses in today’s modern game.
This offensive tactic was used less often in prior years.
In addition, attack players are cutting to the ball & then setting up closer to the crease line (facing the goal & with their back to the defender) if they don’t receive an immediate  pass.
This type of offense has led to a number of plays, in all games, where offensive & defensive players are bumping into each other (either accidently or on purpose) very close to the crease line, causing crease violations & potential interference calls possible.
We’re asking officials to be aware, as the ball rotates around, and visual responsibilities switch, that this area needs to be closely monitored by the lead & single side officials. The Trail official can also help in this regard if the play is in a settled situation.  Fouls on both sides of the ball can occur quickly & need to be called.
Please review and cover this coverage in your pregame meetings, as well as reviewing Rule 6-5 on page 55, particularly the wording in letter “b”:
“The screener shall stay within his vertical plane with a stance no wider than shoulder width apart and shall not lean into the path of an opponent or extend his hips into that path, even though the feet are stationary.”
Lastly, we’d like to remind officials of this year’s NCAA Video and the comments regarding defensive players going through an offensive player’s screen.  Be aware of high or unnecessary hits from defensive players as they attempt to cover their man while getting through the pick.
As stated above, these plays are more prevalent & an important part of men’s lacrosse.  We owe it to the players & coaches to do our best at officiating them to our best ability.
Tom Abbott NCAA Officials Rep and Warren  Kimber NCAA Officiating Coordinator

2014 NCAA Changes and Mechanics Document

posted on Feb 14, 2014 by Darrell Benson
Darrell Benson

A document has been added to the Publications library, describing the rules and mechanics changes for 2014. It is in pdf format and can be easily downloaded.

Revised 2014 NCAA Rulebook

posted on Feb 12, 2014 by Darrell Benson
Darrell Benson

The revised 2013-2014 Rulebook has been made available to the schools and to COC officials. Members can access or download a PDF version by going to the Publications area on the menu at the top of the page.

2014 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Rules and Officiating Video

posted on Jan 14, 2014 by Darrell Benson
Darrell Benson

The 2014 version of the NCAA Mens Lacrosse Rules and Officiating Video is available for viewing. Click on the following link and the video should launch in a viewer
Click here for NCAA Video

If you have issues viewing, email me at dbenson1@comcast.net

If you want a hard copy DVD, contact your District Governor.

Letter to All COC Members - 2014 Gift - Game Pants

posted on Dec 27, 2013 by Darrell Benson
Darrell Benson

Dear COC members,
The COC Board would like to extend a Happy Holiday Season to all of our members. We appreciate the support you have given us throughout the years which has enabled us to successfully complete negotiations of our contracts with the USILA and the MCLA, create a new web site, improve and expand our Observation program, maintain a strong balance sheet and deliver the support our officials need to continue their excellent officiating in the college game.
In recognition of all of the above and to further improve the uniformity of our appearance on the field, the Board has made arrangements to provide all members with a pair of long black pants. The pants consist of the same material as the football referee pants but without the stripe. The vendor we have chosen to provide the pants is Honig's Sporting Goods.  All COC members will be able to order 1 pair of these pants FREE of charge which includes shipping. The document with instructions for ordering the pants (Honigs Instructions for How to Order Pants) AND the Honig's Order Form (Honigs Order Form Pants 2014) can be accessed in either of two ways -  download either document directly from this post by clicking on either of the following links:
Honigs Order Form Pants 2014
How to Order Document
OR go to the Publications page (click on tab at top of page) and click on the Download button to the left of the desired document.    The cut-off date to order these free pants is April 1, 2014.
We look forward to seeing you at our Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in January and hope you can make it. And we look forward to another great year for all of our officials on the field in the Spring. Let's get in shape now and make this our best year ever.
Best regards.

COC Board

Wednesday Update Sept.25, 2013

posted on Sep 27, 2013 by Darrell Benson
Darrell Benson

Shortly after noon today the COC and USILA reached an interim agreement. This agreement will expire on November 1, 2013. The purpose of the agreement is to ensure officials are allowed to work the fall season. This agreement mirrors what the COC Board approved in July.  There is still work to be done to finalize the total agreement. We did get a commitment from the USILA’s Tom Calder  that the entire deal will be completed by November 1. Currently we have no talks scheduled. 
All games and fees will be entered in Zebraweb by the DAAs.
As we begin to officiate these games in the coming weeks please attempt to avoid discussions regarding this agreement or the entire agreement with anyone outside of the COC. If a coach or administrator would like additional information please inform them to contact Kevin or Tom. Be positive and supportive and beware that additional attention will be given to things we say and do. Make sure we support each other. Please do not discuss this with any members of the media or on the internet and again you may refer them to Kevin or Tom.   
Go out, work hard, and let your actions on the field do all the talking.
Thanks for your support. We will continue to work to finalize the entire deal.

REMINDER - COC and US Lacrosse Dues

posted on Sep 25, 2013 by Darrell Benson
Darrell Benson

We are rapidly approaching our deadline of Sept. 30, 2013 to pay dues for the COC and USL. If you do not pay dues by Sept. 30, 2013 you will not be a member in good standing thus will not be eligible to officiate fall games. The DAAs will be instructed to remove nonpaid members from fall games if dues are unpaid. This process will begin starting Oct. 1. If you are removed from a game you will not be reassigned.  
Please see the letter below and make sure you pay your dues.
if you have paid your dues you may disregard this email.

COC Letter to Members

Your US Lacrosse and COC memberships will be expiring on Sept. 30, 2013. In order to maintain your good standing with US Lacrosse and the COC, you need to complete a two-step process this year. The following two steps need to be completed. It is important to realize that you need to complete your renewal on both USL website and the COC website. You will need to make a payment on both websites as well.

1) Go to www.uslacrosse.org/join to complete your US Lacrosse renewal. Please check and update your contact information while doing so to make sure that we have accurate data for this year's COC directory.

2) After renewing your US Lacrosse membership, go to www.coclacrosse.com to pay your COC-specific dues. Please check and update your contact information while doing so to make sure that we have accurate data.  

If you have any questions regarding your US Lacrosse renewal, please contact Brian McGettigan, Men’s Game Manager at bmcgettigan@uslacrosse.org

If you have any questions regarding your COC dues, please contact your local district governor.

Thank you.

Tuesday Update

posted on Sep 24, 2013 by Darrell Benson
Darrell Benson

Quick update on today's events.  Kevin and Tom were on a call with the USILA and some progress was made. We discussed a deal to allow us to officiate games this fall. More talks are scheduled for tomorrow. We are confident that we will make additional progress tomorrow.  
Will be in touch again tomorrow 
Thanks again,

COC Board

Monday Update

posted on Sep 24, 2013 by Darrell Benson
Darrell Benson

As we mentioned we are going to send updates on the situation daily this week. Even though another day has passed with no interaction from the USILA we know that they held some conference calls today. The USILA Board is scheduled to hold a call tomorrow. We have not been invited to attend this call as of yet.
We have had some coaches contact us after they received our letter. Some have made comments that this was the first they have heard of the situation. We will continue to work to make sure the facts are known to all.
A couple of things we would like to clarify regarding some wording that has been used in the media or in letters from the USILA. First, is the use of the word “impasse”. It is the COC’s Board position we are not at impasse. We have successfully reached an agreement with the negotiating representative from the USILA Board. It would be difficult to be at an impasse when Kevin and Tom were asked to leave the meeting so the USILA could work out some internal conflict.
Next topic would be the words “boycott” or “strike” that have been used. The COC is doing neither of these. We simply do not have a contract thus for liability reasons we can’t work at this point. It is that plan and simple. The USILA was made aware of this prior to Kevin and Tom leaving the meeting on Monday.
Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.
COC Board

COC Update

posted on Sep 22, 2013 by Darrell Benson
Darrell Benson

All COC Members
This letter will be going out to all USILA Coaches and Institutions. The letter includes important facts and details that the letter the USILA sent out to its members did not. The note that was sent out by the USILA is below our note. 
The Board understands that this is an uncomfortable situation and by all means an unfortunate one. The Board continues to work endlessly in a professional manner to ensure the best interest of our group is represented. Many hours have gone in to the process since last fall not to mention the 24/7 since Monday.
Updates will be sent out daily this week.  
COC Board

Letter sent by COC
This email is an attempt to describe the circumstances surrounding the contract situation between the USILA and the College Officials Committee (COC). The current status is unfortunate and one that should have never escalated to the level it is currently.  
The COC as per contract terms opened negotiations with the USILA via email to the USILA in June of 2012. From January 2013 forward, the representatives of the COC and USILA worked tirelessly through each and every issue raised by each side.  Through these efforts, an agreement on all terms was reached in July The contract was approved by the COC Executive Board on July 10. The contract terms were also sent to the USILA Board by their  representative in late July or early August. Unfortunately, on September 16, at a meeting requested by the COC, to simply allow the USILA Board to finalize the agreement with proper signatures, the representatives of the COC were informed by the USILA Board that it would not agree to or honor the contract negotiated in good faith by their representative.
The former contract expired as of June 30, 2013.  The USILA has been informed that, without a signed contract, the COC is unable to officiate any USILA Division 1 games, scrimmages, alumni games or practice games. As late as Friday the COC negotiators reached out to the USILA leadership to move this forward. During this short conversation the USILA informed the COC they would not hear anything further until at least Tuesday of next week. The COC stressed the urgency of the situation to allow all institutions to receive uninterrupted officiating services. The COC proposed a gentlemen’s agreement so all games this fall could be officiated. The USILA made no real attempt to make this agreement a reality. In fact the USILA made reference that it was fine that no games would have officials. The COC found it interesting that the USILA leadership would have an opinion such as this while their member institutions had no idea that they would not have DI officiating services.  
The COC is currently formulating plans and working endlessly to ensure a solution is reached to ensure all DI institutions receive official services.
The COC is willing to discuss this further at any time. Kevin O’Leary or Tom Sutton can be contacted for additional clarification.  
With respect to USILA Division 2 and 3, the contract in place for those games extends to June 30, 2014; accordingly, those games may be assigned, accepted and worked as usual by COC members.

COC Executive Board
Letter sent out by USILA
Athletic Director and Coach,
We want to bring everyone up to date on the status of the negotiations with the COC for the Division I Officiating Contract. Please note that this does not affect Division II and Division III. On Monday, September 16th, the negotiating committees of the USILA and the COC met at Johns Hopkins.  After four hours of discussions we ended at an impasse. The USILA has been working diligently all week trying to put together a contract that is agreeable to our members as well as the COC. It appears that at this point the COC will not be assigning officials to fall games. We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.
We will keep you informed on the situation.
Thank you.


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